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A motivational speaker and student of ancient technology, Henry Kroll II is available to speak at schools, colleges, universities, and social events for a small fee to cover travel expenses. For further information click here or call
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Make Alaska Great Again

By Captain Henry Kroll

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*DANGER!!!* Only two percent of the food we eat is grown in Alaska. If something should happen to the food supply in the lower 48-states like a war, EMP or a Yellowstone erupting many of us will die! We are entirely dependent on other states for food and durable goods. *Our government has put us in this position to sell resources for billions of dollars to grow government and get rich. * *To make Alaska more self-sustaining and create jobs please email this web site to as many people as you can.*

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Philosopher's Stone: "Priceless" - Revised 2023

At the present time we eat supermarket foods grown on the same soil for two hundred years. There are practically no minerals in it. Is it any wonder why we get cancer and other immune deficiency diseases?

We have to have minerals and the large combined atoms called ORMES also known as the white powder of gold or philosopher's stone. It is the sacred Hebrew MFKZT powder. When you have double the number of protons in a single atom they push apart creating a large particle with weak atomic forces. The mitochondria within each of your human cells can pull protons out of the large combined atoms with magnetic pulses to make any element necessary for complete cell division. It's called transmutation of elements. We are doing it at the rate of six to eight million times per second to maintain our human form. When cell replication slows down its called ageing.

The sacred Hebrew MFKZT powder mineral food supplement can save the human race from extinction. If we don't feed the mitochondria within each of our human cells the proper elements they can't do their job. They have to replicate their DNA and the three billion RNA/ DNA segments of human DNA. To keep the cell replication process at the rate of six to eight million body cells every second to maintain your human form its necessary to feed the mitochondria the right minerals. The use of this mineral supplement goes back to Biblical times. In Exodus Moses came down from the mountain, the Hebrews had built a golden idol. Moses said to his metalsmith, "Burn it into the white powder, throw it in the stream and make the Hebrew children drink thereof." This was to make them smarter.

The priests also took the minerals out of desert soils that were covered with sea water at one time by boiling it in the alkaline spring water for five days. There are six recipes in my book developed by Pfizer Pharmaceutical.

There are dangers to taking it because it can double your IQ allowing you to read minds and other spooky stuff. We are inter-dimensional beings existing in multiple dimensions but most of us are unaware of it. To understand the technology please read my book PHILOSOPHERS STONE. It can save your life and the people you love from disease and slow the ageing process.

Order online or dial: (877) BUY-BOOK, (610) 941-9999. The paperback is only $19.95.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2004
208 pages
Paperback - ISBN: 0-7414-2235-2
Hardcover - ISBN: 1932672249
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This material is present in our food every day, but we don't get enough of it because supermarket food has been grown in the same soil for over 200 years. It is essential for all life on the planet, including plant life. Watering plants with it helps them grow twice as fast.

The white powder gold, also known as the sacred Hebrew MSKZT powder, is now known as ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) and was put in the priest bread - a coarse, grainy unleavened bread that takes the mineral supplement through the stomach into the lower intestine, where it goes into the bloodstream. It feeds the mitochondria for complete cell division, and replicating six to eight million body cells per second is necessary to avoid aging. The loss of body cells is caused by mistakes in DNA, leading to cell death.

Each of your human cells contains three to four mitochondria inherited from your mother's egg, with their own DNA and the ability to transmute or rip apart combined atoms due to their double number of protons in a giant nucleus that push apart, acting like little magnets with the same polarity. The combined atoms have weak atomic forces, allowing the mitochondria to transmute them into the correct elements for complete cell division. The mitochondria have to replicate their DNA and the three billion segments of human DNA simultaneously, and this is done at an astonishing rate of six to eight million times per second.

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• Henry spends a lot of his time in the great Alaskan outdoors in remote areas that are outside the range of communications. The best way to contact him is via cell phone at 1 (907) 740-0386. For complete contact information click here.

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